FundsFlo solves the big-dollar deal dilemma.

FundsFlo is a payments solution for big-ticket online sales: boats, automobiles, construction services and more. We help sellers get paid, and ensure buyers get what they paid for.

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We bring trust to online commerce.

High-value transactions are inherently risky. How do you know the deal is legitimate? This doubt is holding back marketplaces for large-dollar sales.

FundsFlo changes that. We integrate with listing services to bring peace of mind to buyers and sellers. We allow them to negotiate their own payment terms. The money is held safely and securely until the seller delivers, the buyer accepts and the deal is done.

FundsFlo helps marketplaces and listing services:

Improve service

Reduce risk for both buyers and sellers, convert online listings to sales faster, and extend customer relationship.


Increase revenue

Offer valuable add-on services during the payment process to extend your brand and boost profits with our fee-sharing model.

Gain visibility

Collect better transaction information with detailed payment data to learn more about customer behavior.

For buyers and sellers, FundsFlo is:


FundsFlo makes the payment process easy and transparent for buyers and sellers.


Sellers know funds are secure before they ship goods or perform services. Buyers get to inspect before they accept purchases.


FundsFlo costs much less than credit cards and other types of payment—and isn’t restricted by credit limits.

Learn how FundsFlo can accelerate your marketplace.

How FundsFlo works

FundsFlo’s integrated approach brings a seamless payment process to your marketplace, extending your brand through the payment transaction.


Sign up

Buyer and seller register with FundsFlo, and agree to deal terms using the DealDesk


Buyer funds the FundsFlo deal account


Seller ships goods or performs services.


Buyer inspects and accepts goods or services.


FundsFlo releases payment to the seller.

FundsFlo provides fear-free commerce for:

  • Autos & motorcycles
  • Boats & personal water craft
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Home repair services
  • International broker transactions
  • Luxury goods
  • Sharing economy services(Airbnb, HomeAway, car-sharing services, etc.)
  • Other big-ticket items